Welcome to District 50 Toastmasters

Argano Toastmasters is a young corporate club coming up on its first anniversary. The company, Argano, is a next-generation business and technology services provider that builds the Digital Foundations that help businesses run better. Chartered by eighty last October. Its membership includes employees from entry to executive levels. These members join in club meetings from four countries around the world.

Their meetings are always very lively. The bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays are an hour long: during business hours. They begin by letting members enter the virtual meeting while playing upbeat music and welcoming each person by name. They ensure each everyone feels welcomed and excited.

They follow the familiar Toastmasters’ agenda with one or two speakers but allow for suggestions and commentary at any time. Their members enjoy knowing what to expect with each meeting.

They have fun themes (Halloween Spooktacular, Bring your Pet Day, Friendsgiving, Big Summer Blowout, Valentine’s Bash, and Women’s Empowerment) and backgrounds. According to Mackenzie Bordelon, “For the International Women’s Day meeting, I was the Toastmaster and used our ‘Empowering Women & Allies’ employee resource group logo as my background (attached) to tie into the word of the day, ‘Empower.’”

They use silly table topics to ensure everyone is thrilled to be in attendance. Examples include: “Who do you love the most?” on Valentine’s Day and “Tell us about your biggest fear” for Halloween. “While these topics seem large, they always make for a good laugh when members are put on the spot!” Mackenzie says.

Argano Toastmasters’ meeting days are a favorite each week for their members.

Weekly, they advocate for people to try out for the club through their internal communication channels and intranet. They join forces with other employee resource groups, clubs, and webinars to promote their club. By attending other events in the organization, they set an example for others.