D50 After Dark Podcast

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Show Notes:

In this episode, the tables are turned as Gaurav Shekar, DTM, interviews Mickey Bennett, DTM, the regular host of D50 After Dark.

Key to topics in this episode:

2:05 Mickey’s path to becoming the D50 After Dark podcast host

3:10 Podcast preparation and guest interviews

4:50 Potential future podcast ideas

5:56 The value Mickey hopes to bring to Toastmasters through the podcast

7:02 Personal growth and confidence given a boost from hosting

11:00 Advice for aspiring podcasters

12:59 Overcoming speaking nervousness

Gaurav discovers the journey and insights of the man behind the microphone. Mickey reflects on his nearly twelve years with Toastmasters and shares his part in the podcast production process, emphasizing the importance of pre-interview preparation with guests.

Looking to the future of the podcast, Mickey outlines his two main goals for the podcast: showcasing the larger world of Toastmasters and inspiring personal development. 6:18 He says, “When you start to see the larger world of Toastmasters, district events, leadership opportunities outside of your club, that’s when the experience and skill you’re developing in leadership really start to explode.” He expresses his eagerness to interview distinguished Toastmasters in District 50, district contest speakers, and even World Champions of Public Speaking.

9:21 Gaurav discovers a fun fact: Mickey sometimes practices his narration skills by reading books to his wife to help her fall asleep.

11:01 Gaurav asked for Mickey’s suggestions for those people who want to start their own podcasts. Acknowledging that he is lucky for have the technology aspect of podcasting covered by experienced District 50 audio/video teammates, Mickey suggested ideas ranging from a subject for a speech to day-to-day topics and books.

Mickey discusses how hosting has boosted his confidence and offers tips for overcoming mental blocks in podcasting and public speaking. 13:10 He also highlights the effectiveness of Toastmasters in building confidence over time and 12:59 shares this perspective on nervousness: “Nervousness, anxiousness is physiologically the same thing as excitement. And the only difference is the way you look at it.” Gaurav remembered the advice of a mentor who said that “nervousness is weak in front of your preparedness.”

At the close of the episode, Gaurav prompts Mickey for a call to action. Mickey acknowledges that D50 After Dark is wrapping up its first season, and he encourages listeners to like, follow, and subscribe to the podcast on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Sharing the podcast with Toastmasters clubs and friends will help grow the audience and create more value for listeners in future seasons. Mickey hints at exciting plans for season two of D50 After Dark, promising more great content for Toastmasters and personal development enthusiasts.