D50 After Dark Podcast

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Show Notes:

In this episode of D50 After Dark, host Mickey Bennett interviews the show’s assistant producer, Helen Williams, EC2. [1:13] Helen discusses her role in planning episodes, researching topics and guests, and summarizing with show notes. [2:30] She condenses the edited recording of each episode into a summary, including timestamps, key points, and any relevant links.

[4:16] Helen, a Toastmaster since 2013, holds the Competent Communication, Competent Leadership, and Effective Coach Level 2 designations. While she enjoys participating in club meetings, contests and area and district events, she prefers working behind the scenes rather than giving speeches. Helen assisted with producing hybrid meetings during the pandemic and finds fulfillment in supporting clubs and members. Unless she absorbs Mickey’s “How to Write a Speech in Five Minutes,” you will not see Helen crossing the DTM stage. 

[6:43] With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a background in book design and illustration, Helen’s career spans seven states and over four decades. She has contributed work to university presses, McGraw-Hill Book Company, studios, and agencies. [8:07] She transitioned to computer-based design while working for the FAA at Addison and DFW air traffic control towers in Dallas. Books she has designed include high school and college textbooks, opera singer biographies, and literary fiction. [9:38] She also co-edited with her daughter a compilation of 39 memoirs penned or told by residents of her hometown in Tennessee.

[10:50] Through her work on the podcast, Helen has learned to balance the depth of her research with time constraints and to rely on the information provided by guests. One of her challenges is to capture the essence of each episode within the 3000-character limit for show notes.

[12:10] When asked about her favorite episode, Helen mentions the interview with Aletta Rochat, DTM, First Vice President of Toastmasters International, which allowed her to explore Aletta’s background and learn about her home in South Africa.

[12:59] Mickey expresses his gratitude for Helen’s contributions to the show, acknowledging how her efforts make his job easier and more enjoyable.