Welcome to District 50 Toastmasters

Welcome to Pathways

Where will Pathways take you? Pathways is designed to help you in your professional development by taking you on a journey that meets your specific goals and interests.

five (5) Core Competencies

These are the 5 fundamental core competencies that are the building blocks of Pathways which you will develop along your Toastmasters Journey.

Public Speaking

Build strategic leadership and conflict resolution skills.

Interpersonal Communication

Build interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching skills.

Strategic Leadership

Build public speaking and speech writing skills.


Build creative project management and communication skils.


Build comunication and leadership skills.

Achieve your goals | Demonstrate your Expertise

Each path is characterized by its final required project that demonstrates the expertise you’ve developed through the various lessons.

Focused on Public Speaking?
  • Presentation Mastery
  • Engaging Humor

Finish your path with a major Public Speaking project where you give an 18-22 minute keynote style speech.

Focused on Interpersonal Communication?
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivational Strategies
  • Visionary Communication

With a team, plan, coordinate, and complete an event of your choosing or develop a detailed vision/strategic plan for yourself or any group.

Give a speech about the outcome and your lessons learned.

Focused on Teamwork and Relationships?
  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Team Collaboration

For at least 6 months, take a leadership role in Toastmasters, any volunteer organization, or in your career. 

Give a speech about your experience as a leader.

Focused on Leadership?
  • Effective Coaching
  • Innovative Planning
  • Persuasive Influence

Design and complete a High Performance Leadership project. 

This project is done with a team and governed by well-defined goals and a guidance committee.

You will give two speeches. The first covering your plans and the second including results and lessons learned.

READY TO BEGIN? Review the initial steps to complete your assessment, choose a path,
access projects and complete your first set of assignments.

Click on various paths to see an overview of projects and speech objectives.

This guide contains several resources for new members and for those continuing their education with Pathways.  It includes key points such as project matrix with required and elective projects for each path and flow chart for achieving Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Have more questions about Pathways and Toastmasters education program?

  • Join us for a Toastmasters meeting  Find A Club
  • Reach out to your club officers such as Vice President – Education
  • Contact Pathways Chair pathways@d50tm.org

11 Paths

These are the available paths for you to choose from to achieve your specific goals.

Dynamic Leadership

Build strategic leadership and conflict resolution skills.

Effective Coaching

Build interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching skills.

Engaging Humor

Build public speaking and speech writing skills.

Innovative Planning

Build creative project management and communication skils.

Leadership Development

Build communication and leadership skills.

Motivational Strategies

Build motivational leadership and communication skills.

Persuasive Influence

Build skills to lead in complex situations.

Presentation Mastery

Build public speaking skills.

Strategic Relationships

Build networking, leadership and communication skills.

Team Collaboration

Build collaborative leadership skills.

Visionary Communiation

Build innovative communication and leadership skills.


  • Pathways Resource Manual –  Mark Snow, DTM
  • Paths and Projects Catalog – Timothy W. Carlisle, CISSP, PMP, DTM2 (District 4 Director 2021-2022)
  • Getting Started with Pathways – Kris MacKay DTM

The Navigator

The Navigator is filled with essential information about the Toastmasters journey. Use it to help you begin your journey and support your progress. Whether you are just embarking on your journey or are a seasoned Toastmaster, The Navigator can answer your questions and guide you along the way.

Pathways Glossary

Learn the Pathways Language!

You’ve heard these word or phrases before, now find out what they mean!


Toastmasters NEW Online Educational System As you progress through Pathways, you will: Practice and improve your communication skills!

Choose a Path?

The 1st step: A simple assessment will help you identify your interests and goals, and recommend a path that best fits you.

Core Competencies?

The 5 Core Competencies are: Public Speaking, Strategic Leadership, Management and Confidence.

The Navigator?

A 22 page online booklet filled with essential information about the Toastmasters Journey and the Toastmasters Pathway Learning Experience.


Your online gateway to The Pathways Learning Experience, where you will find everything you need.

Basecamp Manager?

Helps faciliate your progress by verifying your education, approving requests and more. This role is typically held by the Vice President of Education (VPE).

Confident Leaders

  • Our club is rich with former, current and aspiring Toastmaster leaders, including district directors. We naturally focus on leadership. Thirty minutes is reserved at our meetings for discussion or a debate on topics related to leadership.
  • We meet the third Tuesday of each month. 7:00pm - 8:30pm.
  • Our hybrid meetings allow members and guests to join virtually or in person at Granite Park Building 1, 5800 Granite Parkway on Plano TX 75024.
  • Club website: CLeaders.toastmastersclubs.org
  • Contact for club: Dan Reeder, VPPR, dsreeder462069@gmail.com
  • Club number: 07479372
  • Membership requirements: Confident Leaders is open to past, current, and future leaders.

The Evaluators

  • Our advanced club is for evaluations. We offer everyone attending an opportunity to speak, including evaluations of the evaluators.
  • When: We hold a hybrid meeting every second Thursday, 7:00 - 8:15pm.
  • Where: La Madeleine’s, 8008 TX-121, Suite 100, Frisco, TX 
  • Website: https://TheEvaluators.ToastmastersClubs.org
  • Contact: Robert Srb,  President, 214.686.3098, groovy1004@sbcglobal.net
  • Club Number: 01761504
  • Membership requirements: no membership requirements

Park Central Toastmasters

  • Park Central offers 43 years of experience, excellence and Toastmasters educational programming to help support our members’ goals. We achieve this through our unique meeting format focused on providing members up to six opportunities to give formal speeches.
  • When: We meet online by Zoom the third Sunday of each month, 1:00 to 3:00pm 
  • A typical Park Central monthly program includes four to six prepared 5 - 7 minute speeches:
    • First speech focuses on “Tips on Excellence”
    • Two more speeches from Pathways program
    • One Pathways editorial speech which expresses an opinion
    • One Pathways rebuttal speech which expresses an opposing view to the editorial speech. The rebuttal speech is prepared after hearing the editorial speech with often only FIVE minutes to prepare. This can challenge the most experienced Toastmaster! It is a little scary!
    • Evaluations for each prepared speech:   The Evaluations given at the club are motivating, effective, and balanced.
    • Table Topics:   Park Central Members Are Known for Creative Answers to Challenging Questions.
  • Club website: http://parkcentral.toastmastersclubs.org/ 
  • Club Contacts:
    • Stephanie Moses, DTM, VP Membership: 214-498-3711
    • Anne Barab, DTM, Accredited Speaker, Treasurer: 214-293-9009
    • Jyotsna D. Pai, DTM, President: 214-403-0331
  • Club Number: 4095
  • Membership requirement:  Completed Pathways Level 2 and working on Level 3 (or completed Competent Communicator from the Legacy program)

Let's Talk Club

  • We are the enhanced advanced club. We can mentor Toastmasters on an array of speaking and leadership skills. Examples are creating and delivering speeches, impromptu speaking (We have an Impromptu Speech Contest most years.), evaluations, anything related to speech contests, TLI training, one-on-one mentoring, and many more areas. 
  • When: We meet on the second Sunday of the month from 2:30 to 4:00pm. 
  • Where: Our meetings are in-person only at Meadows Baptist Church, 3001 Los Rios Boulevard, Plano, TX 75074. We meet in Building 3001A (the “Love” portable building, just south and close to the main church building). The Meadows complex is directly across the street from Plano East Senior High School.
  • Club website: https://letstalktx.toastmastersclubs.org/ contact-695532@toastmastersclubs.org   (This goes to our VP Membership Lisette Cumberland.)
  • Club number: 695532
  • Membership requirements: At least two levels in Pathways.


  • Networking, as well as giving speeches in a non-traditional environment, is our specialty.
  • When: Meeting time varies based on events, but the third Tuesday of the month is our standard, 7:00pm CT.
  • Where: Location where you meet: We meet at local breweries or pubs; therefore, it varies.
  • Contact: Robert Sessions, robertsessions@hotmail.com
  • Club Number: 06613239
  • We meet mainly in person, but we can set up hybrid.
  • Membership requirement: New members must be a member of another Toastmasters club.

Roving 49ers

  • Roving 49ers is a place where past, present, and future leaders gather in a relaxed setting in a member’s home to share their successes and challenges and to learn the art of successful leadership. Roving 49ers has become a forge where leaders are honed, all while relaxing in a fun atmosphere, and enjoying a great meal and the camaraderie of fellow Toastmasters. Over the past 35 years our unique combination has made us THE destination for Toastmasters interested in furthering their leadership skills.
  • When: We meet on the second Saturday of each month. In-person potluck starts at 6:00pm CT; hybrid meeting begins at 7:00pm CT.
  • Where: Members' homes in a hybrid meeting.
  • Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083688521307
  • Contact: Kathie Clark, DTM,  kaclark50@verizon.net
  • Club Number: 6590
  • Membership requirement: Roving 49ers is open to past, current, or future Toastmaster leaders.

Super DTMs

  • We assist and mentor Toastmasters who are working towards their DTM.
  • When: We meet online on the second Thursday of each month, 6:30pm
  • Where: We meet online only.
  • Contact: Diana Pritchard, pritchard.diana@gmail.com 
  • Club Number 07026328
  • Membership requirement: Membership is open to those who already belong to another Toastmaster club.

Tyler Advanced Toasties

  • We focus on thorough evaluations and leadership opportunities to motivate and assist members in growing their leadership skills. 
  • When: We meet on the second Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm
  • Where: Hybrid Meetings. We meet via Zoom and in person at Tyler Innovation Pipeline, 217 East Oakwood Street, Tyler, TX 75702
  • Facebook: Tyler Advanced Toasties 
  • Contact: Diana Pritchard, pritchard.diana@gmail.com
  • Club Number: 7463287
  • Membership requirement: Membership is open to all Toastmasters who are members of another Toastmaster club..