Welcome to District 50 Toastmasters
Welcome to District 50 Toastmasters

Leadership Learning

FREE Online Webinars – 2 – 4 per month. Focus on Leadership, Club Quality and Personal Growth.  Ongoing learning for ALL club members with D50 skilled presenters.

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If you missed a session you can catch the replays of past Leadership Learning Webinars here!

  • 8/1/2021,  “Career Connect: The High Performance Leadership Project and Your Career” with Julia Stallings, DTM
  • 8/26/2021- Club Quality/CSP & DCP with Naomi Lawler, DTM
  • 9/7/2021 – Club Treasurers Tips with Anne Barab, DTM
  • 9/9/2021 – DTM Panel Discussion Facilitated by Mentor Chair Corine Ambler, DTM
  • 9/20/2021 – Teambuilding: Using Personality Tests to Strengthen Your Team with PR Manager Susan Thomas, DTM
  • 10/05/2021 – Youth Leadership Panel Discussion with Flavia Salgado, Jen Hoch, Sharri Abbi, Marty Gallagher
  • 10/28/2021 – Club Coach Panel Discussion with Chair Lori O’Connor, DTM and Club Coach Co0-Chair Rachel Wilson, IP1
  • 11/11/2021 – How to Use Base Camp Reports” with Kris MacKay, DTM
  • 11/14/2021 – The Chaos in Leadership: Breaking the Barriers” with Gaurav Shekhar, DTM, PDD
  • 12/5/2021 – District Leaders Panel Discussion: The Role of Area Director & Division Director with DLC Gaurav Shekhar, DTM, PDD
  • 12/16/2021 – “Let’s Reload Your Toolbox” with Dr. Daisy Jewel, DTM