DivisionDayDateTimeLOCATIONFlyerAgendaChief JudgeLeadership RepZoom LinkPasscodeIn person room assignment
FrontierFriday3/22/20247:00 PMWinners:
Andrew Parry-Table Topics
Balakrishnan Subramanium-International
EasternSaturday3/23/20242:00 PMWinners:
Caitlin Butler-Table Topics
Elyssa Schneider-International
PlainsSaturday3/23/20247:00 PMWinners:
Mitch Tasker-Table Topics
Reginald Matthews-International
SouthernFriday4/5/20247:00 PMWinners:
James Harris, Jr.-Table Topics
James Harris, Jr.-International
Town NorthSaturday4/6/202410:00 AMWinners:
Shreyas Perumal-Table Topics
Yujun Liang-International
MetroSaturday4/6/20242:00 PMWinners:
E. J. Gulley-Table Topics
Jeremy Sweat-International
DistrictDayDateTimeFlyerAgendaChief JudgeLeadership RepZoom LinkPasscodeIn person room assignment
Table Topics4/18/20247:00 PMGoogle MapsFLYER LINKAGENDA LINKDavid Dunn, DTMSenior 3CONFERENCE WEBSITENoneBallroom
International4/19/20247:45 PMGoogle MapsFLYER LINKAGENDA LINKDavid Dunn, DTMSenior 3CONFERENCE WEBSITENoneBallroom
*Will need a conference badge to get through the door of the contests.Contestants will be automatically registered for a "Contestants Badge"

Senior Sergeant At Arms,

Please get the HOST KEY from the the Zoommaster (zoommaster@d50tm.org), or from the previous Sr. SAA.

1) Open Zoom Room for Contest using ZOOM LINK

2) You will want to make yourself host

3a) Turn On Waiting room

3b) Lock room so no one enters when contest begins.

4) Create your Breakout rooms
– Table Topics Contestants 2-?
– Ballot Counting
– Debrief room at end of contest

NOTE: There could be a contest finishing up, or a debrief going as you’re entering, so enter quietly during the day. DO NOT CLOSE THE MEETING WHEN DONE … CLOSE BREAKOUT ROOMS INSTEAD… as others may be entering for next contest.


Downloading and Installing Zoom
Zoom system Requirements: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Contestant Technology Briefing (PPT file)
Contest Chair Briefing (Google Doc)
D50 Sr SAA Virtual Contest Role (Google Doc)
D50 Virtual Contest Role Checklist (Google Doc)
Online Speech Contest Best Practices And Briefing Tips
D50 Toastmasters Online Contest Slides – Spring 2023 (PPT file) -!!Make sure you DOWNLOAD and open in MS Power Point!!
Breakout Rooms for Contests – YouTube

District 50 has been a cornerstone of communication and leadership development. As an organization who values the democratic decision-making process and continuous improvement, the District Executive Committee has recently voted to make a change to our contest schedule. With the majority vote, we are transitioning to hosting contests exclusively in the Spring for the 2023 – 2024 Toastmasters year. This shift is a willingness to adapt, innovate, and ensure the best possible experience for you, our members.

Transitioning to Spring exclusive contests, brings a range of exclusive benefits to both participants and the entire District. Contestants can prepare and allocate their time leading to higher quality speeches and participation in helping host these contests. Below are 2 areas on which the District Executive Committee voted.

1) Fall and Spring contests or Spring only.

      1. The District Executive Committee voted for Spring only.
      2. This will allow several focuses:
        1. Area Directors can focus more on our clubs, members, and getting to know you and each other.
        2. Clubs can learn from the Program Quality Contest Team on how to hold hybrid contests in the Spring.

iii.     It also allows time for clubs to practice hybrid or in- person contests, in the Fall, Winter, or Spring to prepare for the Spring contests.

2) Toastmasters International sent an email asking all Districts to decide, for the year, if we would host Virtual / Online only, Hybrid, or In-Person contests at the Area, Division, and District level.

      1. The District Executive Committee voted for all-Hybrid.
      2. The Hybrid option will allow members and clubs:
        1. To participate online (for those clubs who have members outside of the D50 geographic area) or in person.
        2. Be flexible in how Areas, Division, and District staff and host contests.

If you have any questions, you may contact your Area Director as your first line of support. The Program Quality Contest Team including your District Chief Judges will be promoting and training for the District to get reacquainted with the details and elements of a hybrid contest. Please continue to work through your Area and Division leadership and look for more communication soon on where you can learn more about judging, helping with important contest roles as well as competing.


Email: Quality Contest Chair