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2023-2024 Contests

Spring Conference

D50 After Dark Podcast

What’s Happening in Programs & Education?

Leadership Learning

Monthly Live Webinars on Zoom on 2nd Thursday of the month.

Pathways Education

Embark on an Exciting Journey! Toastmasters Pathways offers a flexible and interactive learning experience, empowering you to develop skills while helping others in your club thrive.

Youth Leadership

Nurture Tomorrow’s Leaders. Engage in Youth Leadership Programs and Gavel Clubs, empowering young minds under 18 to develop essential skills.

Road To DTM

Unleash Your Potential! Embark on a new path beyond proficiency. Aim for the pinnacle and achieve the prestigious Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award.

Speech Ops

Expand Your Horizons! Practice public speaking, enhance communication, and develop leadership skills beyond your club. Embrace knowledge sharing and collaboration across clubs.

Your Next Steps…


Find a Club

Each club has its own culture. Visit a few clubs that fit your schedule and check the clubs out.

Join a Club

Once you have found the right club, reach out to the Club Leadership team to discuss next steps to join.

Get Plugged In

Welcome fellow Toastmasters! Go to the Toastmasters International website to enroll for Pathways and learn more about Toastmasters.