D50 After Dark Podcast

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Show Notes:

D50 After Dark connects to Cape Town, South Africa, when host Mickey Bennett welcomes Aletta Rochat, the First Vice President of Toastmasters International, to the show. Aletta shares her Toastmasters experience joining Cape Town Toastmasters in 2008 when she sought personal growth beyond her family. Since then, she still finds value in every club meeting. 22:34 “That is where the magic happens.”

In a discussion of Toastmasters International’s top leadership, Aletta sheds light on its opportunities for leadership growth. 8:07 After completing district trio leadership roles—Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, District Director—individuals can aspire to Regional Advisor positions. These provide operational guidance for the Trio and Public Relations manager in several districts for 15 months. 8:56 Another avenue is election to the Board of Directors, a two-year term that entails strategic oversight crucial for the organization’s global impact. 10:03 Above the Board of Directors is an executive committee, consisting of the 2nd Vice President, the 1st Vice President, the president-elect, the International President, and the immediate past president. That team, along with the CEO, set strategic direction and bring proposals to the board of directors for approval.

Aletta’s insights include her vision for the future of Toastmasters. 14:40 With firm conviction, she articulates the organization’s pivotal role in building bridges of understanding between people through communication and leadership development. 18:00 In practical application, companies staffed with excellent communicators and people with leadership skills will experience higher productivity, higher morale, and higher efficiency. Aletta emphasizes the increasing relevance of these soft skills, especially in the era of rapid technological advancement.

19:38 Mickey asks how technology will affect future changes in Toastmasters. Aletta responds that with every technological breakthrough, the expectation arises for its application everywhere straightaway, including Toastmasters. 15:44 Aletta’s vision for the future of Toastmasters is that it thrives globally and that it has the technology to support its members and leaders so they can do what they do in “an easy, sophisticated manner.” This means continuing to invest more money, time, and human capital. She envisions a future where Toastmasters remains flexible and nimble, leveraging technology to enhance member experiences and organizational efficiency.

As the conversation flows, Aletta’s passion for Toastmasters shines brightly, transcending her esteemed position as the First Vice President. 22:52 She emphasizes, “First and foremost, I’m a member just like any other member and as our past International President, Pat Johnson, once said to me…, ‘I get exactly the same salary as you. There are lot of zeros on my paycheck, but I’m here to serve Toastmasters just like you are.’”

Also, stay tuned for the next two episodes over the next several weeks as the conversation continues.

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