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10-pt Tune Up & CSP


Plan for Club Success with the Ten Point Tune-Up:

Complete initial Ten Point Tune-Up Review by March 31, 2022 with club executive committee (aka, club officers) and your Area Director.
Document Club Plans.

INCENTIVE: $25 in D50 Bookstore Bucks, email to retention@d50tm.org.

Complete changes and Ten Point Tune-Up closure report by April 30, 2022 with Area Director review

INCENTIVE: another $25 in D50 Bookstore Bucks, email to retention@d50tm.org.

OR – (as an alternative to Ten Point Tune-Up)


Club executive committee has online review of their Club Success Plan (CSP) by March 31, 2022.  Club submits CSP.  Club Growth team assembles a panel of at least 3 members that are not members of the club to review the CSP. Include DTM’s, previous Area Directors, and prior year’s District Executive Committee (DEC) members. Schedule a review session at which the 3 panelists and at least 3 club officers discuss the CSP.  The Area and Division Directors are also invited.  The club is welcome to open the session to other Toastmasters or have a closed review session.

PURPOSE: Assist clubs with program planning and organization.
Encourage information-sharing with Area Directors and best practice-sharing with other clubs.

INCENTIVE: $25 in D50 Bookstore Bucks, email to retention@d50tm.org.

Tune Up Awards for 9.30.2020

DivisionAreaClub #Club NamePromotion Achieved
F241463775PMI Dallas ToastmastersClub Success Plan
M348631Leadership Lambda Toastmasters ClubClub Success Plan
M342876291LUV ToastmastersClub Success Plan
P445736Verbal Expressions Club #5736Club Success Plan
S514858Environmentally Correct TM ClubClub Success Plan
E159354Awesome ArticulatorsTen Point Tune Up
F237022029CruiseMastersTen Point Tune Up
F235553533Frisco Speaks UpTen Point Tune Up
F261595518McAfee ToastmastersTen Point Tune Up
F211581643Speak Up AllenTen Point Tune Up
F266071Speak-Up Frisco!Ten Point Tune Up
F24730163St Andrew Speakers ClubTen Point Tune Up
S567452Arts District ClubTen Point Tune Up
S528941Bank of America Texas Talkers ClubTen Point Tune Up
S519019Eloquent Articulators ClubTen Point Tune Up
S515928iTalk ToastmastersTen Point Tune Up
S517794294Speak Like A Pro!Ten Point Tune Up
S55583467Waxahachie ClubTen Point Tune Up
T628952Talk Of The Tower Toastmasters ClubTen Point Tune Up
F276887806Roaring SpeakersTen Point Tune Up
T61614471Fusion ToastmastersTen Point Tune Up
V734446Richardson IcebreakersTen Point Tune Up
V733074518Shops At LegacyTen Point Tune Up