Welcome to District 50 Toastmasters

The Arts District Toastmasters are a 32-year-old club with a rich history that meets weekly on Tuesdays
at 12:05 p.m. in a great downtown location in the Arts District. They requested the assignment of a club
coach to help them build membership.

I was invited to be their club coach in August 2020 when they had 10 members. They started their
regrowth with the Club Success Module, “Moments of Truth” and, later the District 50 Ten-Point Tune

The Ten-Point Tune Up energized the club officers who focused on recruiting a full panel of officers,
holding quality meetings, and inviting guests. They also honored their tradition of participating in Area
Contests by sending contestants and role holders.

As club coach, I worked to increase members’ knowledge of Pathways and was excited to witness a
member finish a Presentation Mastery Level 5.

I assisted the club webmaster with the home page of the group’s FreeToasthost website, posting group
photos of their Zoom meetings. The pictures really demonstrated how much fun the Arts District
“Toasties” are having at their meetings!

We worked on increasing the informal communication that was missing because of the pandemic. I
began hosting weekly informal lunch time gatherings on Zoom, something I named the “club coach
korner.” Since many members work, the weekly meetings created another touch point for members to
ask questions, receive informal mentoring, and just get to know each other. It was also a time that the
officers could meet.

Later, I invited a second club coach to join me, and Shannon Catalano brought in ideas and energy along with her Pathways speeches!

As I write this, Arts District Toastmasters are already a Select Distinguished club with 7 points, 18 members, and aiming for President’s Distinguished by June 30, 2021! It’s been my privilege to be an
enthusiastic cheerleader in their success!