Club Growth: Ten Point Tune Up And/Or Club Success Plan

Plan for Club Success with the Ten Point Tune-Up:

Complete initial Ten Point Tune-Up Review by September 30th with club executive committee (aka, club officers) and your Area Director.
Document Club Plans.

INCENTIVE: $25 in D50 Bookstore Bucks, email to

Complete changes and Ten Point Tune-Up closure report by April 30th, with Area Director review

INCENTIVE: another $25 in D50 Bookstore Bucks, email to


OR – (as an alternative to Ten Point Tune-Up)



Club executive committee has online review
of their Club Success Plan (CSP) by September 30th.  Club submits CSP.  Club Growth team assembles a panel of at least 3 members that are not members of the club to review the CSP. Include DTM’s, previous Area Directors, and prior year’s District Executive Committee (DEC) members. Schedule a review session at which the 3 panelists and at least 3 club officers discuss the CSP.  The Area and Division Directors are also invited.  The club is welcome to open the session to other Toastmasters or have a closed review session.

PURPOSE: Assist clubs with program planning and organization.
Encourage information-sharing with Area Directors and best practice-sharing with other clubs.

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