February STARS also include Area Directors (AD) who completed 100% of the Area Director Visit reports in February, ahead of 3/31/2021 goal.  This includes:
  • AD23 Bala Subramanium, EH5,MS5
  • AD11 DaWane Wanek, DTM
  • AD 13 Randy Sperr, DTM


District 50 is Growing!!       NEW CLUBS!  YTD 2020-2021:

January 2021:

Galaxy Toast at Samsung, in Plano, sponsored by D50’s largest club McAfee Toastmasters
Play Masters at City of Frisco, starting with 31 new Toastmasters
Austin Commercial Toastmasters, in Dallas, with Toastmasters across 3 time zones meeting online

October & September 2020:

Broadly Speaking, community online club, based in Frisco, with members across multiple time zones
The Toast of GEICO, in Richardson, as new corporate club

Club Growth team proudly recognizes Shining Club STARS each month, for Best Practices in District 50:

See d50tm.org/recognizing-club-stars for more info, or email Club Growth Director Kristy Pedersen at cgd@d50tm.org

  • Verbal Expressions, 36th anniversary, in Richardson, meeting online, regularly a President’s Distinguished club.  See their Sparkling Pixel award winning website, with exciting club videos on verbalexp.toastmastersclubs.org!  The club celebrated their anniversary with Table Topics and 40 people online.  They also added 2 members in February, winning the Open House promotion.
  • Hallelujah High, 17th anniversary, in Plano, now online, celebrated with a photo history show, inspirational guest speaker, and Table Topics.  We can meet the members on their website hallelujahhigh.toastmastersclubs.org.

Janet Adams is a role model Club Coach, as she signed up early (in September), assisted with the Ten Point Tune Up, and encouraged and introduced new communication avenues to help club officers connect and meet members’ goals. Janet also invited a second club coach for the Arts District club. We’re delighted to see the club have guests and add members!

Congratulations to 4 clubs that have clear CLUB GROWTH as they added 5 or more members:

Division Area Club Name
Frontier 24 PMI Dallas Toastmasters
Frontier 25 Visigoth Toastmasters
Town North 64 PAN Toasters



  • D50 Open House Kit – with lots of examples!
    & video, too! Thanks to
    Open House Chair
    Brandi Deere, SR5, PM1
  • Clubs with Open House and adding 2 members within a month, earning
    $25 in District 50 Bookstore Bucks
  • Award is available for every club each quarter

JSOM Friday Toastmasters
Awesome Articulators
Carrollton ToastmastersTown North6211/17/2020
LUV ToastmastersMetro3411/4/2020
Transit TalkersSouthern5311/13/2020
McAfee ToastmastersFrontier2611/19/2020

Several District 50 STAR clubs are “trailblazers” with new, exciting approaches:

1.Hybrid Meetings – Some in-person & more on-line!
All aboard! Allen Toastmasters meets at the Allen Train Depot, limited to 15, plus more on virtual meetings.

  • More on Allen Toastmasters at allen.toastmastersclubs.org
  • Carrollton Toastmasters has some at an IHOP restaurant, most on Zoom, more info at carrolltontm.toastmastersclubs.org
  • Holly Graham, club president at Awesome Articulators, points to having a “Zoom Master” as a huge factor in their success with hybrid meetings. These individuals are the on-site point of contact, familiar with the conference room equipment and Zoom features. Sharing the responsibility works well, for all to be accountable to keep meetings on track and productive.

2.Speechcraft – continues successfully online at Texas Dragon Toastmasters, see more at texasdragon.org

3.Advanced Clubs with Special Workshops – notably Speak Like A Pro!

4.Social Events, with Social Distancing – Unique Toastmasters at Frisco Commons Park with several attending, Speak Up Allen at Frontier Park in Prosper, CruiseMasters awards in business meeting room


Thanks DEMO TEAMS and
Bala Subramanium, EH5.
Bala is the first Area Director to start a new Toastmasters club!  It’s one of 3 Demo meetings in September, to show prospective club members how Toastmasters works.  Demo meetings are coordinated by Demo Co-Chairs Cindy Elkins, DTM, and
Mary Olowofoyeku, DTM.

Bala is also a business owner, mentor, speaker, and podcaster featuring Toastmasters. He also serves as a Vice President of Education and Area 23 Director.

81 clubs earned Club Growth promotions with Bookstore Bucks

  • 72 clubs met 75%+ Membership Renewal by 9/30, earning $100 B$B,
  • This includes a variety of clubs, including 17 clubs with 20+ members,
    and 28 clubs with 12 or fewer members, across all 7 Divisions.
  • See the full List of Award-winning Clubs at d50tm.org/retain-and-renew
  • Congrats and thanks! We value clubs meeting retention goals!
  • 19 clubs met Tune-Up goals by 9/30
  • 14 clubs with Ten Point Tune-Up, initial review earning $25 B$B,
  • 5 clubs with Club Success Plans reviewed, earning $50 B$B
  • See List of Award-winning Clubs at d50tm.org/tune-up-and-csp
  • Great work! We appreciate clubs focusing on best practices and tuning up!
  • Note that District 50 Bookstore Bucks (B$B) are awarded to the online account for each club. A club officer must initiate their new Online Bookstore account as per d50tm.org

STAR CLUB: McAfee Toastmasters

McAfee Toastmasters program in Plano is a District 50 Club Growth STAR in September as they illustrate the Toastmasters tagline “Where Leaders are Made” in so many ways:

  • District Leaders: 5 members have District 50 leadership roles: 4 Area Directors and 1 Assistant Area Director, as well as Pathways Chair
  • 100% Renewals: Met 100% renewals by 9/30, with all 49 members renewing
  • Focused on Best Practices: completed Ten Point Tune-up by 9/30/2020 incentive date, have Pathways education program expertise, membership growth through Speechcraft, and effective club website mcafee.toastmastersclubs.org

TWO More Area Directors Completed 100% of Club Visit Reports by 9/30

This is in addition to 27 Area Directors who completed 100% of their Area Visit Reports by 8/31.

Thanks, Area 14 Director Kellie McMaster, DTM and Area 44 Director Kimberly Richards, TC1.

Area directors play a crucial role in the rapport that districts maintain with their clubs, largely through club visits. Over 60% of D50 Area Directors visited and reported on all clubs in their area (3 or more clubs) by submitting all their Area Director’s Club Visit Reports.

Thanks, team!  We appreciate you!

Awesome Articulators 

…exemplifies its name as VP Public Relations Sean Horne started an entertaining and informative YouTube channel interviewing Toastmasters leaders.  Check these out on their club website AwesomeArticulators.toastmastersclubs.org.

Sean has also resurrected a Toastmasters Trivia night where Awesome Articulators will be competing against a club in Arlington.  Sean, we’re delighted you joined this 18-year-old club in our Eastern Division!

Gene Gray, DTM, and Don Teague, PM3, put in an extensive amount of effort for the successful conduct of the Summer TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) training classes. Don was the Zoom-Master-Extraordinaire for the entirety of TLI sessions. In addition, he also resolved technical issues, introduced speakers and served as a subject-matter-expert for other Zoom Masters — not to mention making District 50 Zoom meetings look cool and professional with his virtual backgrounds and streaming music during breaks!

Gene has been a TLI trainer, Zoom Master, ZM trainer,, and in general, the backup for TLI Chair Ram Venkat. He stepped in seamlessly to coordinate all TLI Chair activities for a short duration. Gene is always available for impromptu meetings and epitomizes the spirit of Servant Leadership. 

27 Area Directors Completed 100% of Club Visit Reports by 8/31
Area directors play a crucial role in the rapport that districts maintain with their clubs, largely through club visits. Well over half of D50 Area Directors visited and reported on all clubs in their area (3 or more clubs) by submitting all their Area Director’s Club Visit Reports. 

Thanks, team!  We appreciate you!

Congratulations to Sherwood Jones, MS1, on winning multiple rounds of Toastmasters International speech competition.  District 50 is so proud to have Sherwood in the top 8 in the world competing at the 2020 Virtual Convention for the World Championship of Public Speaking!

Check out the interview with Sherwood Jones on District 50 BLOG d50tm.org/QA-with-d50-toastmaster-international-speech-contest-semifinalist-sherwood-jones/

Waxahachie Toastmasters and Brandi Deere

To celebrate this amazing milestone in the club’s 17-year history, the club’s charter member and club’s first DTM Pat Moriarty visited the Waxahachie Toastmasters club to virtually present awards to the club’s two newest DTMs.

Additionally, Joseph Diaz, DTM, the club’s original mentor, joined family and friends of the new DTMs, club members and fellow Toastmasters.

Event Chair Brandi Deere invited guests with a memorable award ceremony announcement and social media (Facebook, IG, Twitter). The 35 attendees were treated to the new DTMs acceptance speeches (as part of their Pathways educational program, with evaluators!) and even an award ceremony. As the Waxahachie Toastmasters club celebrated this milestone event virtually without food and refreshments, these two new DTMs received plants with congratulatory balloons. 

Congratulations, Brandi, Janice, and Skip!!

SUMMER TLI Team: TLI Chair Ram Venkat, 
Quality Education Chair Denise Castille and 
Quality Education Assistant Amy Bemis

Faced with the challenges of training all of District 50 club officers online, with interactive sessions, during the coronavirus pandemic, the Program Quality Summer TLI team rose to the challenge! The diligent efforts of Ram Venkat, VC5, TC1, to set up automated Zoom links and arrange a whole team of “Zoom Masters” has made this work well. Plus, in addition to training and arranging for Trainers for every session, Quality Education Chair Denise Castille, LD5, PM4, and Amy Bemis, ACB, updated training materials and prepared workbooks for every session.  We appreciate how this helps all of us work towards excellence with strong club officers trained at Summer TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute.)  As Program Quality Director Walter Price, DTM, said,  “When you have well prepared officers, then you’ll have a well-prepared club.” Thanks, Amy, Denise, and Ram, for being shining STARS!

CLUB WEB CHAIR: Thomas Kenyon​

​Have you noticed changes happening on d50tm.org/club-growth? Here’s the guy that’s making it all happen! Thanks to Club Web Chair Thomas Kenyon, VC3, on the Club Growth team.​

We are bringing more resources, updates, and showcasing some great Best Practices in STARS recognition! Club officers are welcome to consult with Thomas and his team to build up websites and use social media more effectively, by email to clubweb@d50tm.org..