Club Growth: Retain & Gain

Renew 75% of current members by Sept. 30, 2020
For example, if a club had 16 members on July 1st, added 4 members by Sept. 30, they need 15 renewed (75% of 20) by Sept. 30 for the award.

INCENTIVE: $100 in D50 Bookstore Bucks, awarded by Club Growth Director in October

Renew 50% of members for the full year (for 2 terms through Sept. 30, 2021).
Renewals for the full year are handled by a request to Toastmasters International.

INCENTIVE: $50 in D50 Bookstore Bucks, awarded by Club Growth Director in October

Additional renewal incentives offered by March 31, 2021

Retain and Gain Awards for 9.30.2020

DivisionAreaClub #Club NameRecognized for
E119682200 Watt Speakers Club75% + Renewed
E159354Awesome Articulators75% + Renewed
E141412885Blueprint Toasters75% + Renewed
E11584009Conquerors Club75% + Renewed
E132427Garden Valley Toastmasters75% + Renewed
E134801055Longview Evening Toastmasters75% + Renewed
E163812934McKinney Motivators75% + Renewed
E127575630Oschner LSU Health Shreveport Toastmasters75% + Renewed
E151535564Speak EZ75% + Renewed
E154182Toastmasters of Rockwall Club75% + Renewed
E137463287Tyler Advanced Toasties75% + Renewed
E144154Tyler Morning Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
F2583632 Change U75% + Renewed
F237479372Confident Leaders Toastmasters75% + Renewed
F237022029CruiseMasters75% + Renewed
F235553533Frisco Speaks Up75% + Renewed
F276644914Hilti Plano75% + Renewed
F261595518McAfee Toastmasters75% + Renewed
F214095Park Central Toastmasters75% + Renewed
F251165752Pepsico Presenters75% + Renewed
F244015Plano Talkers Club75% + Renewed
F241463775PMI Dallas Toastmasters75% + Renewed
F223074518Shops At Legacy75% + Renewed
F257274Unique Toastmasters75% + Renewed
F253240871Visigoth Toastmasters75% + Renewed
M377155293Dallas Campus Club75% + Renewed
M351588444Evening Orators75% + Renewed
M371291183Lakeside Speakers75% + Renewed
M348041Lambda Pride Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
M348631Leadership Lambda Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
M324110Rising Stars Club75% + Renewed
M367155283Trinity Towers Club75% + Renewed
P475055Allen Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
P461207Garland Toastmasters75% + Renewed
P421047602Global Communication Leaders75% + Renewed
P477306126HARMAN Loudspeakers75% + Renewed
P417533High Five Toastmasters75% + Renewed
P45695532Let's Talk Club75% + Renewed
P466142Mesquite Club75% + Renewed
P417327347Realpage, Inc. Corporate Club75% + Renewed
P419161Texas Dragon Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
S552038660Anointed Oak Cliff Orators75% + Renewed
S528941Bank of America Texas Talkers Club75% + Renewed
S523063370Comerica Tower Toastmasters75% + Renewed
S546661El Centro Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
S514858Environmentally Correct TM Club75% + Renewed
S558853EY Young Guns Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
S537479409Lead and Inspire Toastmasters75% + Renewed
S53437Literary Legends Club75% + Renewed
S527402713Marsh and McLennan Agency Toastmasters75% + Renewed
S543395235Oncor Dallas Toastmasters75% + Renewed
S553431353Talk of the Town Toastmasters75% + Renewed
S53584516Talkitecture Club75% + Renewed
S534157985Transit Talkers75% + Renewed
S521408278VA Speakers Extraordinaire75% + Renewed
S55583467Waxahachie Club75% + Renewed
T641582927Covenant Voices75% + Renewed
T665545568Leading Edge Toastmasters75% + Renewed
T676715494Lexus Linguists75% + Renewed
T635674Mary Kay Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
V714793192COPART TOASTMASTERS75% + Renewed
V728983Financial Express Club75% + Renewed
V761565753JSOM Friday Toastmasters75% + Renewed
V758569Lennox International Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
V765569Preston Persuaders75% + Renewed
V734446Richardson Icebreakers75% + Renewed
V732146Richardson Noon Toastmasters Club75% + Renewed
V712808Ryan Rhetorics Club75% + Renewed
V726820584Speak To Lead75% + Renewed
V753929213Talk Like A Leader75% + Renewed
V754822437The Storytellers75% + Renewed
V729214Word Wranglers Club75% + Renewed