District 50 has many STARS among us! The Club Growth team recognizes monthly STARS with dozens of clubs and members. In September, the focus was on those doing an outstanding job of membership retention and building new clubs, most notably:

  • 81 clubs earned Club Growth promotions with Bookstore Bucks!
  • McAfee Toastmasters exemplifies “Where Leaders are Made” growing many Toastmasters who rise to district leadership.  They also renewed 100% with 49 members and completed their Ten Point Tune-Up.
  • Demo teams showed success in the form of a newly chartered club, “The Toast of GEICO,“ plus 3 more successful Demo meetings.
  • In Area 23, the STAR Toastmaster is Area Director Bala Subramanium, who has multiple accomplishments, including starting a new club with the Demo meeting in September.
  • Two Area Directors completed 100% of their Area Director Visit reports in Sept. These reports provide guidance to district leaders. This is in addition to the 27 Area Directors that met this goal in August.

To see more about Club Growth Stars, go to d50tm.org/shining-stars.