Division and Area Directors: 2018-19

Individual Area and Division Directors can be contacted by the email links below.
Emails to an Area or Division Directors will also go to his or her assistant(s).

Eastern Division Leaders


Rey Morales, DTM

Eastern Division Director

Calvin Sims, ACB, ALB

Asst. Eastern Division Director

Hazel Cotton, DTM

Area 11 Director

Michelle Spry, ACB, ALB

Asst. Area 11 Director

Robin House, ACG, ALB

Area 12 Director

Mike Mattox, ACG, ALB

Area 13 Director

Brandon Johnson, CC, CL

Asst. Area 13 Director

Kim Hoang, ACB, ALB

Area 14 Director

Jennifer Pittman, ACB, ALB

Asst. Area 14 Director

Roy Geoghegan, ACS, ALB

Area 15 Director

Paul Sturdevant, ACS

Asst. Area 15 Director


Frontier Division Leaders


Hitesh Bhalala, DTM

Frontier Division Director

Allison Presley, DTM

Asst. Frontier Division Director

Roger Fung, DTM

Asst. Frontier Division Director

Eric Bowie, ACB, ALB

Area 21 Director

Ferris Keller, ACB, ALB

Asst. Area 21 Director

Robin Coward, TM

Asst. Area 21 Director

Susan Thomas, CC, ALB

Area 22 Director

Anjali Patel, ACB

Asst. Area 22 Director

Pranab Das, ACB, ALB

Area 23 Director

Lisa Herrick, ACB, ALB

Asst. Area 23 Director

Elizabeth Adolphson, ACS, ALB

Area 24 Director

Teia Samuels, CL

Asst. Area 24 Director

Alan Balthrop, DTM

Asst. Area 24 Director

Christopher L. Williams, ACS, ALB

Area 25 Director

MJ Presley, DTM

Asst. Area 25 Director

Pradeep K Jain, TM

Asst. Area 25 Director

Yvonne Broach, AC, ALB

Area 26 Director

Mahesh Vemula, ACB

Asst. Area 26 Director

Dominique Wilson, CC

Asst. Area 26 Director


Metro Division Leaders


Nimi Iyalla-Ipaye, ACB, ALB

Metro Division Director

Britt Hall, CC

Asst. Metro Division Director

Kevin Green Sr., ACB, ALB

Asst. Metro Division Director

Martin Osae, ACB, CL

Area 31 Director

Candace Johnson, TM

Asst. Area 31 Director

Lekshmi Krishnan, CC, ALB

Area 32 Director

Linda Green, ACB, ALB

Area 33 Director

Deborah Haynes, ACS, ALB

Area 34 Director

Bahman Davani, DTM

Area 35 Director

Deserai Goldsmith, ACB, CL

Area 36 Director



Plains Division Leaders


D’Anne Brevetti, DTM

Plains Division Director

Joseph Diaz, DTM

Asst. Plains Division Director

Amber Felty, ACS, ALB

Asst. Plains Division Director

Marrisa Yang, ACS, ALB

Area 41 Director

Natacha Miller, CC, ALB

Asst. Area 41 Director

Ora Prioleau, ACB, ALB

Area 42 Director

Lonnie Banks, CTM

Asst. Area 42 Director

Batuk Bista, ACS, CL

Area 43 Director

Dominic Yang, CC, CL

Asst. Area 43 Director

Prafulla Gowda, ACS, ALB

Area 44 Director

Deepa Iyer, ACS, ALB

Asst. Area 44 Director

Zona Smith, CC, CL

Area 45 Director

Gene Gray, ACG, ALB

Asst. Area 45 Director

Donna Walker, ACG, ALB

Area 46 Director

April Norie, CC, ALB

Asst. Area 46 Director



Southern Division Leaders


Jacque Lacy, DTM

Southern Division Director

Dominique Gloster, ACB, ALB

Area 51 Director

Flora Greene, ACS, CL

Area 52 Director

Aaliyah G. Miranda, ACG, CL

Area 53 Director

Brian Whitelaw, TM

Asst. Area 53 Director

Lew Blackburn, CC, ALB

Area 54 Director

Janice Sowell, CC, ALB

Area 55 Director

Jacqueline Laster, CC

Asst. Area 55 Director

Mary Olowofoyeku, ACS, ALB

Area 56 Director


TownNorth Division Leaders


Maggie Tyner, ACB, ALB

TownNorth Division Director

Julianna Barker, ACG, ALB

Asst. TownNorth Division Director

Deepa Venkat, DTM

Asst. TownNorth Division Director

Labib Basta, ACB, ALB

Area 61 Director

Kenneth Miller, CC, CL

Asst. Area 61 Director

Priti Kara, CC, CL

Area 62 Director

Hank Chavers, ACB, ALB

Asst. Area 62 Director

Eugene Kim, ALB

Area 63 Director

Will Lamb, CC

Asst. Area 63 Director

Dawn Schneider, ACS, ALB

Area 64 Director

Andy Miller, ACB

Asst. Area 64 Director

Pratibha Gayake, ACB, ALB

Area 65 Director

Manuel Garcia, CC, CL

Asst. Area 65 Director

Robert Lesnau, CC, CL

Area 66 Director

Peter Trotter, ACB, ALB

Asst. Area 66 Director


Vista Division Leaders


Vicky Wu, DTM

Vista Division Director

Indhu Pathmanathan, CC, ALB

Asst. Vista Division Director

Stephanie Lang, ACB, CL

Area 71 Director

Bill Nicholas, ACS, ALB

Asst. Area 71 Director

Phani Jammalamadak, CC

Asst. Area 71 Director

Maithreya Chakravarthula, ACB, CL

Area 72 Director

Vikram Chakravarthula

Asst. Area 72 Director

Steven Adler, ACS, ALB

Area 73 Director

Shrenik Ramani, CC, ALB

Area 74 Director

Hazwineyi Mburuma, ACB, ALB

Area 75 Director

Cindy Jacobsen, ACS, ALB

Area 76 Director

Susan A, Hasan, CC, ALB

Asst. Area 76 Director