District 50 Staff: 2018-19

Members of the District 50 Staff can be contacted by the email links below.
Emails to a Chair will also go to his or her Co-Chair(s).

District Staff


Dave Shiring, ACS, ALB

Administration Manager

Nicole Roberson, CC, CL

Finance Manager

Julia Stallings, ACB, ALB

Public Relations Manager

Sonia Dawson, DTM, PDD

Leadership Committee Chair

MJ Presley, DTM

Logistics Manager

Christina Chemhuru, DTM

Newsletter Editor

Alan Balthrop, DTM


Walter Price, DTM

Speakers Bureau Chair

Caroline Hughey, DTM

Bookstore Manager

Celeste Byrd, DTM

Bookstore Manager

Michelle Dean, DTM


Jason Andrews, DTM

Alignment Chair

Mei Lin, DTM

Awards Chair


Program Quality Staff


Kristy Pedersen, DTM

Quality Education Chair

Hugh Dawson, DTM

District Chief Judge

Chris Brooks, ACS, ALB

TLI Chair

Jyo Pai, DTM

DTM Mentor Chair

Terrence McGuire, DTM

DTM Mentor Co-Chair

Holly Monroe, DTM

LEAD 2018 Conclave Chair

Alice Stewart, ACB, ALB

Chorus 2019 Conference Chair

Alan Balthrop, DTM

Quality Contest Chair

Jarvae Hall, DTM

Quality Contest Co-Chair

Sharri Abii, ACB, ALB

Youth Leadership Chair

Marty Gallagher, DTM

Youth Leadership Co-Chair

Lisa Sun, DTM

Youth Leadership Co-Chair

Rita Taylor, DTM

Retention Chair

Valerie Bartley, DTM

Club Quality Chair

Scena Webb, DTM

Club Quality Co-Chair

Kevin Green, CC, CL

SpeechOps Chair


Club Growth Staff


Charlene Burroughs, DTM, PDG

Demonstration Chair

Pratheek Padira, CC

Club Extension Chair

Tracie Henderson, DTM, PDG

Marketing Strategy Chair

Tonja Cooper, DTM

Sponsor-Mentor Chair

Ayo Fernando, ACB, ALB

Club Coach Chair

Aakash Bandari, CC

Club Coach Co-Chair

Holly Monroe, DTM

Club Web Chair