Be a Club Coach


Do you want to earn credit towards DTM and help a struggling club, too?

Toastmasters always provides opportunities for personal and organizational growth. Here is your chance to make a positive impact on your fellow Toastmasters.

Club coaching is an exciting, fun, and wonderful opportunity to assist a struggling club become distinguished while you earn credit for ALS or DTM requirements in Pathways. You will be sharing knowledge and ideas to aid in growth of the club.

What will I gain by giving to others?

Develop listening, speaking and team-building skills, opportunities for critical thinking, expand leadership experience, increase proficiency as a facilitator and negotiator, improve your determination, patience and compassion, build your reputation, earn credit toward the path to DTM while having FUN, etc.

Did you notice these skills can directly transfer to other aspects of your life?

Clubs Requesting Coaches
Club Number Club Name Phone to Contact Advanced, open or closed Day / Time Meeting Frequency Notes Web Site Meeting address
3401898 DCCCD Talks 1-214-850-5833 – President – Oscar Morales open Every other Thursday noon Biweekly 1601 S Lamar St Dallas, TX 75215
1176575 Eloquent Orators 903-456-1469  -Karen Shelton, VPM open Thursday 11.30AM, 11:15 arrival for guests Weekly Please call 3 days prior to the requested club meeting visit. 4101 East Plano Parkway, Plano TX 75074
3484 Exceed Club 1- 817-915-9653 – President, Yolanda Cepak open Fridays 12 pm – 1 pm Weekly 8777 N Stemmons Freeway, Room 311, Dallas, TX 75247
6380 Fiesta Bilingual Toastmasters Club  1-732- 966-7384 text or voice VP of Ed D’Anne Brevetti   2nd and 4th Wednesday 7PM, 6.30 arrival for guests Biweekly Need a spanish speaking coach, but English is spoken by all club members  conference room of The University Centre office building at 1701 Gateway Blvd., Richardson 75080.
8983 Financial Express Toastmasters 1-469.358.1106  Kristy Pedersen, VPEd & VPMembership Open Wednesdays 12:00 PM Noon – 1:00 pm Weekly 2700 W. Plano Pkwy, Plano TX 75075
607240 High Noon Club 1-580-434-2494  Mary Rosson, President open 1st and 3rd Tuesday 12.00PM Monthly Texas Star Bank 500 N Sam Rayburn Fwy, Sherman, TX 75090
1205153 Improv Masters Text before calling: 1-214-801-4888 Molly Lysell, President advanced 3rd Saturday 6.30 PM (6.15 arrival) Monthly Pls. call ahead to find the meeting address for the month.   North Dallas Area
3356972 Remarkable Communicators 760-504-4325 President, Connor Neff Closed Thursdays 5:00 pm Biweekly 1201 State Street, Richardson TX 75082
4801055 Longview Evening Toastmasters 1-318-505-7641 – President Jayd Groce open Tuesday at 12 – 1 Weekly Trinity Red Brick Hall
Red Brick Building on the hill at 8th & Olive
600 N. 8th Street Longview, TX 75602
4110 Rising Stars Club 1-214.649.1014 Dan Ortman, VP Education open Wednesday 7 am Weekly Denny’s – 10433 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX
1526701 Toastmasters of Terrell 1-469-474-5241  – President Walter Price / 1-972-841-1738 VPED Roderick Goudy open 1st and 3rd  Tuesday 7.15PM Biweekly Fine arts bldg, Southwest Christian College,200 Bowser St., Terrell, TX 75160
583467 Waxahachie Club 1-580-713-9075 – President Skip Mondragon open  Tuesday 6:00- – 7:30 PM Weekly Waxahachie Library, 515 W. Main, Waxahachie, TX 75165
2932489 Worldwide Facilities  Lunchtime Linguists

Kaycee Morganto President –

1-214-9240869 / Kai Williams Secretary -1-469-260938

Closed corporate Thursdays 11:30am Weekly    (Internal to Texas Instruments) 13532 N Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75243

Email the Club Coach team at

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do as a coach?

  • Build rapport with the club’s leaders and members.
  • Assess the environment—observe, analyze, and recommend solutions. Coaches do not tell the clubs what must be done, but instead offers various suggestions for improvements. The club officers and members need buy-in and must decide what they want to implement. It is still their club.
  • Develop a plan with goals for improvement, implement the plan and ensure those changes are performed by the officers and members as much as possible. Instill enthusiasm, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility for the club’s future.

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How long will I be a coach?

The appointment lasts until June 30 2019, which can be extended another year until June 30 2020, if needed. For you to earn club coach credit, the club needs to be a Distinguished with the required membership goal and 5 DCP points by that deadline.

How many Clubs can I coach at a time?

Maximum two clubs.

Will I get any Club Coach Incentives?

A coach receives a pin upon assignment and a certificate upon successful completion of the assignment. A successful coach also receives credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver award (ALS) or DTM requirement in Pathways.

Because a club can have two coaches, you can find a friend to be a coach with you. That will make it easier and more fun for both of you.   ExCiTing!

However, the biggest incentive is you getting the experience of successfully coaching a group back to health. This will take you to the next level.

 Are there any conditions for the coach?

  • Coach must not be a member of the club at the time of appointment but may join after being assigned.
  • You must attend at least 50% of the meetings.

 Are there any qualifications or conditions for the Club?

  • Club must have between 1 to 12 paid members at the time of the appointment.
  • A club can have maximum 2 coaches at any given time.

What is the process to apply to be a coach?

  1. Check the list of clubs who need a coach here. This list is updated periodically.
    Click on “Clubs Requesting Coaches” button on the left side of the page. NOTE:If your club want to request a coach, we need an email form an officer of the club, preferably, President the VP of Ed.
  2. Visit a few clubs, talk to the officers (Information is given on the list) and decide which one you want to coach to success. Do not feel pressured to select a club. You can visit several times before deciding.
  3. Talk to the club officers. If you like the club and the club likes you, we need to hear from both parties.
    • From you, the Coach to be- Apply to be a coach of the selected club. Please have this information ready. Your Name, Member Number, Home Club, Phone Number, Email address, Postal Address, Name of the Club you want to coach. 
      Click on the “Apply to be the coach”  button on the left side of the page.
    • From a Club Officer (prefer the President / VP of Ed) – Requesting you as their coach. 
      Click on the “Request a Club Coach“ button on the left side of the page.
  1. Once we receive information from both parties, we will forward that information to Toastmasters International and make the assignment official.
  2. Once the Toastmasters International make the appointment official, they will contact you.

If you have any questions or for more information, please reach the Club Coach Team at


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